Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stop On By!

We had occasion to have a midweek visitor yesterday. My sister had need of some shopping in the big city, so she dropped by bearing books, which made her the favorite aunt.

The littles devoured their books, showed off their videography 'skills,' demonstrated their gymnastics tumbling, and then organized a dance contest. The dance contest was cut short though, when Little Miss Kate and Little Miss Gabby declared that they were the judges and the elder sisters were to be the contestants. Aunt declared that she, "Doesn't dance in public." Kate was quick to point out that, "This is a house, not public." Holly, despite laughing, decided to skip on the dancing just the same. Nate and I may or may not have done a tango.

We were grateful for the midweek visit and of course the books too!

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