Friday, January 20, 2012

Planning Ahead

As the mother of daughters, I know that some day we may get to plan a couple of weddings. I was surprised though, when we went to buy some quilt fabric (I found a 40% off sale!) that Gabby demanded I purchase the material to make her a wedding dress that day. I told her we didn't know how tall she would be when she was grown, so it would have to wait. I really thought it would end there.

I was wrong. The girls danced around behind me choosing this fabric and that. They looked at thread colors, binding, and zippers. They chose quite the assortment of colors and textures. My very favorite was the jumbo orange zipper that they both agreed was the very best option. The dresses also have to have orange buttons to match. It should match the teal blue tulle with sparkly teal swirls that Gabby chose clashingly well.

As we were leaving the store, Kate announced that, "We can buy the least expensive fabric, even if it is kind of boyish, because it will be covered in other stuff so you won't see it anyway." Among many things she was eyeing was a roll of package ribbon at the check out.

I wanted to be sure to remember their ideas when some day they do come to me and are ready for wedding dresses, so I had them draw their designs. They drew a flower girl, bride, and bride's maid.

Kate is going for the multi-colored look.

Lest we ever forget, Kate put the orange zippers on the back of her paper.

Gabby is also planning to shave the heads of her bride's maid and flower girl. She might have difficulty finding attendants!

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ann said...

I was hoping you'd post this. It's awesome.