Monday, November 7, 2011

To Kinder or Not to Kinder

Miss Gabriella and I have been talking over school for next year. I'm starting to write out my list of books to purchase, so I can plan for them (it looks like Kate may finish her math books early, so I'll likely make my order a bit early, sometime in the spring). I need to figure out what books, if any Gabby will be needing too. She has been wanting to 'do' school more formally all year. I've been giving her a few preschool worksheets here and there, but encouraging her to go play, since she has the time.

Here is my quandary. Gabby wants to start kindergarten in the fall. According to the state, she isn't eligible for public school until '13 (By the way, how on earth did we get to a point in time already that I'm having to write 2013?). Of course, we can go ahead with instruction next year, but what to do about the paperwork? Do we call her first grade year kindergarten in '13? 'Skip' kindergarten (since we would have already done it)? Skip a different grade later to avoid confusion? File the papers next year stating that she's in kindergarten and see if the school system kicks it back? At this point it's just a paperwork issue. The last one is likely to be the easiest, but I kind of like not having the pressure of having to follow through if she decides she isn't ready.

I'm completely fine with Gabby taking another year to play and color, but I hate to hold her back because her birthday is three weeks later than her sister, when she so clearly wants to be part of school. Maybe the answer will become more clear as the year goes on.

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