Friday, November 4, 2011

Family Fun: Mini Golf

We took the munchkins to play mini golf this past weekend. I bought a Groupon a month or so back and we were excited to get to go use it. The weather was nice and the place was deserted (both good for taking a young family of five)!

The kids were a bit less impressed than I expected. They did like the giant pink elephant (and the creepy carrion birds that were roosting near him), but there were several holes that Gabby chose to skip entirely. We had to watch the little guy pretty closely because he was quite interested in the water hazards!

It was a fun time, but we'll likely wait awhile before we try it again...oh and for the record the little guy and I won!

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KentuckyGam said...

Gabriella skipping holes reminds me of.......her Aunt Holly!!! SURPRISE! Holly didn't like playing mini-golf either. Her excuse was that it was too hot, but then a few years later joined the marching band and was out in the heat, middle of the day, middle of July. Now that's HOT!