Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Little Excitement

Sunday afternoon I took the littles out back to play while Justin was grading exams.

The girls hung like monkeys off of the swing set 'practicing gymnastics.' Then they made up a version of freeze tag in which whom ever was 'frozen' must spin in circles until they were unfrozen by someone, most often Nate, who declared himself unfreezable (or at least who didn't agree to be frozen).

After awhile, Justin joined us with a little football to toss around. We ran, we jumped, we laughed. Then Nate stumbled and went down face first, again. He popped up quickly, but when he turned around he was crying and as I ran to him, I thought I saw a stick coming out of his eye.

I was relieved to find it was actually up his nose. That is until I gave it a very gentle tug and it didn't dislodge itself. I called for Justin, who pulled again, this time out came the 'stick,' actually the stem of a leaf. It had a drop of blood on it. I ran the crying munchkin to the house and we wiped up a bit of blood, but he was completely fine. I really thought we had an ER visit in our future, but was grateful that we got to hang out at the house with him instead.

And to think I was a tad worried about the girls hanging on the swing set and not at all about the little fellow running on the ground...

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KentuckyGam said...

WHEW!! Glad it wasn't bad and everyone is okay!