Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nine Months

It’s hard to believe how quickly time passes and how quickly our children grow. It seems like yesterday that Kate was a teeny-tiny bundle in my arms. Now her baby sister is busy chasing her all over the house. God has richly blessed our family with two beautiful, healthy girls. They are such joys—and teach us such patience! It’s truly amazing

The little one had her nine month well visit today. She’s grown three inches in the past few months! Good gracious. I knew she had gotten longer and thinner, but I wouldn’t have guessed a whole three inches. She’s gained a little less than a pound, so she’s really changed how she looks.

She’s crawling, saying a few things (mama, dada, sis, buh-buh), getting up on her knees, learning to use a sippy cup and having an over all great time. She’s a fun little gal, pretty content and adores her big sister.

With our visit we also learned that they have totally re-written the guidelines for what little ones can eat. Everything is up for grabs except honey (due to botulism) and anything that she can choke on. I guess we have some new foods to try!

Love you Gabriella!

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