Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Life without Advil

After months and months with pain, I am finally living without Advil. It’s a cause for celebration. Since Gabby’s nursing I could never take anything stronger, even when the pain was at its worst.

I had tried all the stretches that the physical therapist and later the chiropractor gave me. I even tried some online resources, but every time I did those things I felt that my mobility was actually lessened by the pain it caused. I quit them for a few days and noticed a bit of improvement. Then I started dealing with things in my own way. Walking. I didn’t have the ability to stand for more than a couple of minutes and walk for just a couple minutes longer than that, so I started walking for four. Yesterday I walked for an hour on the elliptical at an incline and with the resistance turned up.

I’m not completely pain free, I’ll admit, but I have my life back. The pain is very minimal and I can chalk it up to getting a little older. I can go to the store and wait in a long line without tears springing to my eyes. I can play with my children. I can push them on the swing set. I could walk for hours.

I watched my grandmother loose much of her independence and mobility to sciatica. I was so afraid that I would be in the same place she was, with two little girls who needed and wanted me to be able to move. I am grateful that God has seen fit to heal me.

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