Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The First Word

Miss Gabby said her first word--the long awaited, much anticipated chance to know what she's thinking. She started babbling yesterday, so I figured it would be a few weeks. Was it Mama, no. It wasn't even Dada. No my precious baby girl said 'Elmo.' As in that fuzzy red monster on Sesame Street. Justin heard it too. I looked at him and said, "If she doesn't say it again, I'm not going to count it." Of course she said it again. By the time I got the video camera surely it would stop. I taped it. It wasn't as clear that time, but I have video of her holding (her sister's) Elmo and calling him by name. Our girls like to do this to us. We take care of them and love them. We expect that first word will probably be Dada, maybe Mama, and then we're disappointed. Kate said 'kitty cat'. They must love the fuzzy things...

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