Friday, May 9, 2008

Bath Time

We had a great evening. I had bought a bath seat for Gabby so we could bathe the girls together. I was so excited. I had done this last week without one and it was rather difficult, but I thought this would be fun. I had found that Kate didn’t like to share her ducky, so we went to get a separate one for Gabby. Standing in the aisle at the store we found on that was too perfect for Kate to pass up, so they each got a new ducky—Kate’s is a pirate and Gabby’s is a princess.

We put the girls in the tub together. They had a great time. I was taking pictures and enjoying the splashing. Then I noticed it. Ugh. Gabby must have pooped. As I started to pull her out I realized, nope it wasn’t Gabby it was our nearly completely potty trained two year-old who was responsible. Bath time rapidly ended. We got the girls cleaned up and off to bed, and the bathroom has been cleaned and sanitized. I know someday we’ll look back and laugh, but that day is not today.

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