Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tot Theology

Ellie: I got Jesus in my heart.

Me: Do you?

E: We talked to Jesus at Gam and PawPaw's house.

Me: We talk to him here too.

E: Did we leave him there?

Me: [realizing she's talking about our empty tomb figure] No, we brought those back with us. We talked about how He died and rose there.

E: He's dead?!

Me: But He rose again.

E: Where is He?

Me: In heaven.

E: Can I go see Him?

Me: Someday.

E: Can you drive me there?

Me: [thinking, 'I sure hope not!'] No, honey.

E: So we walk there.

Me:  No, you have to wait until God calls you to heaven.

E: But where is He?

Me: He's everywhere.

E: [looking suspiciously from side to side] Where?


1 comment: said...

What interesting conversations you have with Ellie! Love hearing them!