Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Anatomy, continued

So, when we last left our Sk-ELLIE-ton, she was just a bag of bones.

After that, we studied muscles

And gave her a working hand, via Be the One

Then she got a lung transplant thanks to Spell Outloud.  After several uses, we switched to a cut up ziplock bag and taped the bag on for more stability--instead of a grocery sack held by a rubber band.

We also created her a heart based on Mommy-Labs.

To that we added arteries and veins that led to and from the heart down one arm, and also to the lung.  Those attachments were made with knots and rubber cement.

Here she is on transplant surgery day.  Everyone was gloved and ready--from left to right: yarn (veins and arteries), scissors, rubber cement, and enthusiasm!  Her heart is enlarged to show texture (or just because our balloons are a bit big).  I did not pop the balloon because I wanted the extra stability while we were working on other organs.

I was so glad to find those links through Pinterest.  I can't say anything further about the sites, as I didn't spend much time there though.

Next time, I'll share some of the things I created for us myself to stick with our sk-ELLIE-ton learning tool.


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Love how you so much hands on learning for the kids!

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