Sunday, September 25, 2016


My little Ellie is now three!

Though she can't quite show you with her fingers.

She sleeps in a big girl bed, in a room all by herself now.

  Our small group has taught Ellie that The Birthday Song can be loud!

 She is mischievous and sweet, full of opinions and snuggles, and loves people.  She still has some of the fun toddler speech (like burp-day, instead of birthday), but more and more she is communicating well with others, putting together full and more complicated sentences.

 She loves dolls and Minnie Mouse.

She loves knock-knock jokes and cracks up, despite the fact she hasn't quite gotten past, "Knock, knock," and the answer of, "Who's there?"  Her giggle is infectious.

 She has those cute bouncy curls.

 She's learning to pray, and answers questions like, "Who is in your Sunday School?" with, "God."

Happy Birthday to my funny, sweet, curly headed Ellie-Bean.


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Happy Birthday, Ellie. Love you!!