Monday, September 26, 2016


 My Kate is eleven today.

She is so tall and willowy with those big brown eyes.

She's developing her sense of humor, and learning the fine lines around what is funny and what is not.

She's bright and capable.  She's become a big help in the kitchen lately.  Sometimes she will fix a meal entirely on her own, but she can also take over for a few minutes if something pressing distracts me.

She loves to be with people and is thriving in her AHG troop.  As a third year Explorer, she is getting to take on some new things, like assisting to plan a special event, which is a joy to her.

She is a planner, a schemer, and dreamer.  She loves to read, especially Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket.  And still enjoys Shakespeare.

She often gives away what she has.

I love you, even if it isn't really fair to call you munchkin any more!


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Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday, Katie!! Love you!!