Wednesday, August 17, 2016

One of Those Days

Life has been crazy busy.  Though that seems like it is just life at this point too!  It has had a bit of extra crazy.  We're getting settled into our school year.  I've been running full speed ahead into our American Heritage Girls year, which means budgets, training meetings, planning meetings, parent meetings, board meetings, and getting paperwork together.

Cue yesterday...I'm working on a flier for the fall camp out, printing all sorts of forms,  creating worksheets for school, answering emails to a lady I met at training about how our troop handles various administrative things (as their troop is new), teaching, and I go to throw in some laundry.  Run it.  Go to move it, and find wet clothes in the drier...from Saturday.  I guess I did just ask her to move them, not run it.  Ugh.  Pull those out, go to move the jeans, but those only ran as a small load (as the gal who moved the whites was running a single dress on gentle on Saturday), so now I have two loads to rewash...

There is the gnashing of teeth over math x 3.

I picked up a pork tenderloin on sale this week at the store.  20 minutes the online recipes said (2 different places).  I thought it seemed awfully short, but the internet says so, so it must be true!  Dinner was 30 minutes late.

I run to the bathroom, and find the toilet stuffed with toilet paper...  Roll empty.  I guess we were due.  We've been the parents of four toddlers, and this was a first for us.  It didn't unclog with a plunger, so hopefully Justin will get it cleared later today.

We've had this kind of day before.  And I'm sure they will come again, but hopefully not today!


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