Monday, February 25, 2008

My 'No Good, Very Bad' Day

One of Kate’s favorite books right now is Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. I had a day that felt like that today. It started off early this morning—very early.

I’ve been trying to drop some of Gabby’s night time feedings. She disagrees with this new idea whole heartedly, but I think now that she’s four months old we should be down to one feeding at night. She argues that good things come in threes. Add to that an insomniatic two year old and you have my morning.

I will admit, unlike Alexander, some good came during my day. The baby cooperated and I got a shower before we did our week’s grocery shopping, or should I say what was supposed to be our week’s grocery shopping. Kate wanted to investigate every nook and cranny of the grocery store--often turning back, but that’s a bit difficult when shopping with an infant who decides all the detours are taking entirely too long, so we cut our list short and headed to the checkout with two upset little girls. There we join the five other patrons in our line. After fifteen minutes of calm downs and melt downs we get our turn.

Soon it will be over, I sigh. Nope. We got the worst cashier I’ve met in all my many days of shopping. She is sick so she stops twice for loooong drinks from her water bottle, but she doesn’t pause to turn her head from coughing all over our groceries. While I try to keep Kate away from the turn table where groceries are bagged, the cashier keeps leaning over to get Kate’s attention, again not scanning our items. At this point Gabby is at a full wail. I had refused small talk, ignoring her calling my pink clad daughter a boy in hopes to expedite our trip. Finally, I gave up and said, “I want to leave—now.” She finally gets the point and finishes up.

By now my eldest says she’s dying of hunger, though I’m not thoroughly convinced I decide rather than argue I’ll swing by the local drive through because the veggies that I had planned were among the things we didn’t get to purchase. This will be quick and easy. Wrong again. I get to the place to order, but no one ever takes my order. After several minutes I drive up to the window and the young lady does take my order. Unfortunately, the large group of students in front of us has to wait for quite a bit of food. Someone didn’t get their order, further adding to the delay. Finally it's our turn. Now we have our wonderfully healthy meal and head home.

It’s so good to be home! And to think when we were housebound by the weather I was going stir crazy. Maybe we’ll just stay home the rest of the week—yeah right. Besides some days are like that…even at home.

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