Wednesday, May 13, 2015


For the past couple of weeks, Ellie has been waking up shortly after we go to bed sobbing.  Actually, not really waking up, more sobbing in her sleep.

When Kate was two, she went through a phase of night terrors.  They were textbook.  She screamed, wouldn't wake, and they were shortly after she went to bed.  We did some reading and started waking her with a cup of water to sip a few minutes before they usually began and in a few weeks she was past them.

Evidently Ellie has more in common with Kate than her curls.  I didn't originally associate her cries with night terrors because they are so much later in the evening, but as she shares a room with Nate, he may disturb her just enough when he comes to bed to push them later into the evening.  I got her up with a cup of water for a couple of nights, then I forgot one night, and she was up again.  So we're back to a sip of water at my bed time to head off the terrors.

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