Friday, May 1, 2015


Last weekend we took the older three munchkins camping.  The older girls had a camporee for their AHG troop with a bunch of other troops in the area, so we went off to join the chaos fun!  Justin and I used to camp before we had the kids, but aside from his attempt to take Kate and Gabby on a night that ended up being too cold last year, we've never gone with the kids.  This required a bit more gear--the tent I grew up with wouldn't hold all of us, so we picked up a bigger tent and some camp chairs (we just had two little stools, which wouldn't work for 5 people)!

The weather was supposed to be truly atrocious.  We watched as the forecast changed from 60% chance of range to 70%, and it actually got up to 100%!  It did sprinkle on us a little that first evening as we set up, then it rained quite a bit after lights out, but the next day broke without any rain.  By mid-morning the sun was bright.  We did break camp after dinner that night because Gabby seemed to be having some fairly severe allergy issues.  We waited until after their evening activities were winding down to take off though.



The girls worked on badges, hung out with their friends, Nate made a friend and even took a nap under a tree.  Ellie made it through her first night(s) away from me, staying with my parents for the weekend.  I believe that she'd never been away from me for more than three or four hours before, so it was a big step.  She played, ate, and slept some.

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