Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Eighteen Months

Our little Ellie is 18 months old.

She doesn't say a great number of words: uh-oh (oops), uh-huh (yes), uh-uh (no), uh (up), du (duck, dog, or any other animal), a-oo (thank you) and wo (wow), but she gets her point across right well.  She's learned to sign 'more' and 'please' as well.  She understands even fairly complicated instructions.  She love Cheerios and peanut butter, but I think bread is her very favorite.

She loves to climb and move the chairs around the house.  She puts everything in her mouth.

She has a great smile and the others adore her.  She's a great little girl, and I am so glad we have her.

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Just A Chemist said...

You left out her amazing growls every time she sees an animal.