Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Funny

I mentioned to Justin about a little gal at church that reminded me of Kate and her verboseness as a little bitty gal.  So we were discussing how Kate decided to be a trash collector when she was little.

Nate pipes up, "I'll be a trash collector, and I'll have a wife!"

"Really, what will she be like?"

"She'll be nice."

"What will you do together?"

"We'll go on dates.  Like eating dates, and movie dates with popcorn, and walking dates.  And we'll go to parties."

"Will you have parties at your house?"

"Oh yes!  A big party."

"Can I come?"

"Yes, it will be my little boy's first birthday party.  We'll have cotton candy, and those beans that are like coffee beans [Jelly Bellies], and a beef roast."

*     *     *     *     *

And unlike Kate, I could actually see Nate making this his career.  Not for the stuff, but to drive the big truck.  We'll see what career he picks and what wonderful gal he chooses.

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