Monday, February 3, 2014

Acting Up

The girls have caught the acting bug.  I guess that's not quite fair to say...  Kate has always had a flair for the dramatic!

There is a local woman that organizes a musical each spring for local home schoolers.  Last year we attended their production of Music Man.  Kate was thrilled to see that they were putting on Little Women this past fall, but as it turned out, the cast was for older students.  That worked out well for us as a family, since Ellie's due date was the same week as auditions.  The spring musicals are open to children as young as five, so both girls were excited to try out for Beauty and the Beast Jr. last week.

I was involved in my high school's musical production for three years and loved it so much.  That was actually one of the things I was sorry our kids might miss out on with home school.  I've learned that if you are willing to drive (and pay) for it the kids can do just about everything they could have done in public school (at least in a town the size of ours)--possibly a great deal more.  I know my elementary school didn't collaborate with the local middle and high schools to put on Disney musicals!

The girls' parts were emailed last night.  I wasn't surprised for them both to be given chorus parts instead of leads.  Evidently last week, after drop off for auditions, the girls decided to try out for 'parts' instead of just being in the chorus.  There was a fleeting look of disappointment on Kate's face that she didn't get 'Young Belle," but I'm glad for them to have this chance to dabble in musical theater.  The director took the time to name each part, so they have their individual names (Zoe and Louise in the town), and they get to be napkins in the castle.

And about that bug...I hear Nate saying, "I wish I could be that Beast, but I'm not old enough."

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Bonnie said...

I'm glad they will get the chance to be up on the stage...even if it is the chorus. They've got lots of years left to try out for bigger roles.