Friday, June 19, 2009

Kids and Facebook

I was at a craft night sponsored at our church a couple of weeks ago. Some of us were chatting about Facebook. One of the ladies had a teenaged daughter that uses it and she asked what we thought about it.

I told her my opinion. My kids will not be allowed Facebook or any other networking access without me having access.

She seemed really taken aback. Then she said her daughter wouldn’t let her have access to even be her friend.

Then I really shocked her. I told her I would password protect the computer and not let her on it.

Is it drastic? Yes. But if my kid says, “No, you can’t see what I’m doing.” That tells me they are doing something they know I don’t approve of. I’m their mother, not their best friend. I will keep them safe, even if it makes me unpopular, even if they hate me for awhile. I can take it.

Why do I feel so strongly? I taught high school for several years. The things I saw were eye opening. There were truly good kids who got into things that their parents were completely unaware of. Then there were the kids who had their parents totally fleeced. Their parents had no idea that their little “angel” was in to all sorts of horrible things. Parties where awful things were happening, drinking and driving, not to mention the belligerence with which they treated their teachers.

Being able to see what my kids do on Facebook won’t keep them out of every bit of trouble, I’m not that naive, but perhaps it will help keep them safe from something.

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