Friday, June 5, 2009

It's a Boy!

Our friends Matt and Ann had a bouncing baby boy this week. Josiah is the first boy any of our friends have had. We have been surrounded by little girls in pink for years, not a blessed boy in the bunch.

We were able to go and visit the family of three at the hospital this week. It was nice little sneak peak of what may be to come in a few months for us. The girls loved him so much. Kate just loved to peak in at hi and I let her touch the blanket near his feet. She was more quiet than usual and was looking at all the medical equipment, wondering what all of it did. Gabby thought he looked like a great toy. She kept asking to "hold," "hug," and even "carry" him. She was also quite disappointed that Miss Ann couldn't hold her. She wanted so badly to get into bed with her.

The girls getting a glimpse of Josiah.
Gabby is wearing her backpack/leash in case we had trouble with her getting into the equipment, but she did so well we took it off and let her go without.

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ann said...

Nice looking baby.