Saturday, March 1, 2008

Life with Two

Each child is a blessing and a joy. Our love is not divided, but multiplied, but how does life change with an extra person? We awaited the birth of our second child with excitement. As we did, we had a few unanswered questions. Justin wanted to know if we were having a boy or a girl. I wanted to know how I would take my two children shopping.

Justin guessed girl—he was right.

I asked my friends with multiple children how they did the shopping and got the same answer from all those I asked—they didn’t. They waited for their husbands to get home so the entire family could shop or they could split the kids up while she went to the store. That was not the answer I wanted.

I had seen many women shopping with two, three, and even more children. I’m fiercely independent, so I knew I wouldn’t be happy if I couldn’t get my two little ones through something as simple as a little grocery trip. Besides the idea of taking Justin was like think of taking three children. Okay, not quite, but he does ask for the foods that little kids like. Honestly, he’s busy and by the time he gets home he doesn’t want to have to go shopping.

I must admit those first few trips were hard, but now we’ve got a system. Just don’t ask me to buy a jumbo pack of paper towels or toilet paper—there isn’t room!

It’s funny, but I think that’s been the biggest adjustment to our lives. Gabby fits right in—there are lots of little things we’ve done to make things work within our household, but who knew the biggest modification we would have to make would be putting the milk on the rack at the bottom of the cart.

More love, more fun, and a very full grocery cart!

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