Monday, February 22, 2016

Checking for Soundness...

We have a toddler, and in the way toddlers do, she investigates things.  Friday I was working on school with the big kids, and heard her rattling in the silverware drawer.  I tell her to shut the drawer.  SLAM!

We go on with our day.  When I went to make lunch, I found the drawer off the track.  I was going to pull it out and reset it, but then found the drawer wasn't off the track, the track was off the back of the cabinet.  A little harder to fix, but it didn't tear the two screws out, so I thought maybe I could slide it back on.  On further inspection, I found that the bracket was actually broken.  The original installer opted not to put in all the screws, so with the force of a two year old tornado, the bracket broke at the narrow point.

This means I trip to the hardware store...with children.  So I find the aisle with the drawer hardware, but did not find what I needed.  I walked over to the cabinetry.  Nope.  I go back to the first aisle and search more earnestly.  I go to customer service.  The young man refers me back the aisle I'd spent half an hour in as my children played ring-around-the-rosie, really.  I go back a third time.  This time there is a man working there.  He has never seen anything like my bracket before.

On to store number two.  Another, "We don't have anything like that."  I did find something, knowing how the track looked, I thought might work--it was plastic and looked very different.  It was only a couple of dollars, so I chanced it, knowing we could put in a new track (this store had those) if we needed to.  Justin was able to finagle it to work to hold up the track by removing a bit of excess plastic.  He also saw to it that the other brackets were more properly attached.

So if you need a toddler to check and see if your drawers are properly installed, I know your girl!

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