Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm often asked if we school in the summer.  The answer is usually not really.  I mean the kids read ALL the time.

Then there was the time Kate broke her arm and couldn't do summer, so we did school between physical therapy sessions and doctor's visits.

And the summer before Ellie came that we did school so I could take the time after she was born.

And now evidently there is that summer that I asked Nate, in jest, after buying him a folder, so are you ready to start school on Monday that he answered, "YES!!!" with such enthusiasm I was shocked.  I looked over at his sisters, who kind of shrugged.  I looked at the blazing hot weather forecast, and shrugged.  So we started school.  In July.

So now, I guess the answer is about half the time...

If you need me I guess we'll be working on lapbooks, drawing a prairie habitat, and writing a letter of introduction!

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