Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Time

Life has been keeping us busy around here!

We've done swimming lessons, impromptu home repairs, the kids physicals, eye exams, an orthopedist trip (with a week in a boot), and Justin and I both have been to the dentist for our check-ups.  There's been a trip to the zoo, on an unseasonably comfortable day for the south.  The big girls are in a weekly Bible study in conjunction with their AHG troop.  We still have an orthodontist appointment to look forward to and some dental work for Justin.  The girls are going in opposite directions for camp soon and there are a couple of optional activities we're hoping to fit in next month.  Before we blink it will be fall again!

 Ready for a lesson

Our sweet tag-a-long, who has sat through endless hours of lessons, appointments, meetings, and classes already

Some how the 'quiet' time of year isn't quite so quiet!  We are awfully blessed though--insurance to help with our expenses, cars that go, and friends and family with which to enjoy life.

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