Monday, January 5, 2015


Our Ellie was 15 months old on Christmas.  We haven't had her well visit yet because the pediatrician's office is overwhelmed with cases of the flu so they asked us to give up our appointment time.

She's a beautiful, sturdy toddler.  She sleeps through the night almost all the time now.  She eats well, but has her favorites.  She likes carrots, beef, ham, and especially bread.  We still have her off of all dairy and she seems to do well that way.  Nate outgrew his lactose intolerance, so we're hoping the same will go for her in a couple of years.

She calls all animals da--which she learned for dogs and ducks.  Most words she shortens to their first sound or two, but in context we can figure the out--uh for up, wa for water, bow for bowl.  She did manage all of Daddy the other day instead of da-da.  Uh-uh and uh-huh are pretty clear too.

She runs, claps, smiles, and jumps (toes on the floor, but heels up).  She loves to push around a doll stroller and a ball popper.

She has string opinions and favorites--she loves bracelets, Mr. Brown Can Moo, shoes, and climbing.  She doesn't care for peas, the word 'no,' or being left home when someone goes out.

We love our Ellie-Girl.

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Bonnie said...

She is such a cutie!!! Love that girl!