Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Like Pulling Teeth, Or Actually Pulling Teeth

When Gabby's first teeth in the bottom became loose and wiggled out all on their own, I was delighted.  Kate has had to have several teeth pulled because her adult teeth came in behind the baby teeth, not cutting off the roots of those baby teeth.  I also had the same problem.  My rejoicing may have been a tad premature, because her second two adult teeth did come in behind her baby teeth.

Her dentist was concerned enough about her spacing issues to send us off to an orthodontist before he removed those baby teeth--thinking we may need to take out some adult teeth too.

Our trip to the orthodontist couldn't have been better.  They asked on the form what things she liked--and everyone read it before they talked with her.  They asked about her baby doll and really seemed to want to get to know her.  Since it is her birth month they baked her cookies.  They gave hugs and were just delightful. The orthodontist was encouraging.

After our visit, we had our plan to just remove the baby teeth.  We scheduled that with our regular dentist.  At this point, I must say how extremely thankful I am for pediatric dentists.   From the moment we mentioned the dentist helping her wiggle out those teeth, she has been excited about the tooth fairy, the dentist, and the tokens they give out at the end of the visit.  She was dragging Justin out of the house to go in the morning!

I was concerned that she might be less pleased when she came home, but there was no need to worry.  They are so good at keeping all the scary out of the kids' line of sight.  She never had any pain at all.

On a related note, I think Justin may stop telling me when he has fall or spring break...  Last fall break he took Kate for an extraction, spring break, he took me, and this time he took Gabby along with all the other work he did over the weekend fixing two leaky tub faucets and changing out his breaks.  He went back to work to get some rest this morning!

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