Tuesday, September 23, 2014


We have had back to back illnesses around here, so life was temporarily put on hold here.  We seem to be come out of that funk now.  I actually, finally, saw someone who knew my name (i.e. not a store clerk while I was out quickly picking some necessary item) and didn't live in my house for the first time in two weeks.  Two weeks!  Yikes.  If that doesn't make you feel a little isolated, I'm not sure what will.

Before we went into hiding though there was some fun had in these parts.

 Justin took Nate to see Thomas the Tank Engine.  That was Nate's big summer activity pick.

Here he is on his train ride.  He told me, "It went really slow."

We also took the whole family to see As You Like It with Shakespeare in the Park.  The last time we went Ellie had not come out to play yet.  She was delightful for quite awhile. I did spend some time walking her outside the main area as she got tired, but fought sleep, until she drifted off.

 She slept in my lap for awhile through the rest of the show, and then she slept all the way home in her seat.  Look how long she is!

We did manage to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day at the end of the blahs.

This week, the beginning of birthday season starts with a bang, as we celebrate not one, but two birthdays!  Elliana turns one and Katherine will be nine.  Somehow, in the next 7 weeks we will celebrate 5 birthdays in this house and 3 more with my mom, sister, and father-in-law!  Anyone want cake?

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