Monday, August 11, 2014


My husband told me that I've been slacking on keeping up the blog.  I am having trouble finding as much time these days, but then again our computer has been giving us fits too.

We noticed that we sometimes had trouble restarting it, so we just left it on--it hibernated fine, just not the full shut down.  That's fine except that it shut down for automatic updates.  Over time it took us more and more days to get it restarted...yes, days.  We were contemplating buying a new computer.  The tax free weekend was coming up where we live, so we could at least save the tax cost.  Then I realized, we had bought this computer the week after tax free weekend last year...the computer was less than a year old.  Maybe it still had a warranty on what ever was malfunctioning!

The last time it was off for three days, so I got it working and then I called customer service.  They ran diagnostics on it.  The tech found nothing wrong in the 90 minutes of back and forth.  Then he shut it down remotely to see what happened.  It didn't turn back on.  Giving the motherboard beep code (I'd researched that before I called).  He offered to send me a box to send it back to them for repair.  In the four days we waited for the box to come and be sent off (due to a weekend), we never got it to turn back on.

I shipped it off on Tuesday of last week, and it is back in my hands already!  I hate that we had this problem, but I can say without any hesitation, that they did a great job in getting it right back to us (and not treating me like an imbecile while I was on the phone).  They didn't even ask if I was sure the thing was plugged in or charged up when I couldn't start it.  I had the ability to track it the whole way.  I could even see that they repaired and shipped it back the same day.  I'm also thankful for the little tablet and and netbook that we had to stay in touch with people in the mean time!

So, now if I can squeeze in some time and remember what I was actually going to write about, in those eked out moments, I will write a little more!

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Bonnie said...

So happy you've got it back and that it was still under warranty! I've missed you!