Monday, March 31, 2014

What's Cooking

Since it is the end of the month, and I'm sure everyone has been waiting with baited breath (Ha!) to see what I've been cooking lately, here it is...

I made spanakopita bites to take to a ballet recital/tutorial ceremony thingy.  We haven't actually eaten them yet though!  They are supposed to freeze well, and since our thingy is on a weekday evening, I made them up ahead of time.  Justin got to eat the first, awkwardly shaped, one.  He assures me they are awful, while simultaneously asking if I need others disposed of, so evidently he thinks we should keep them here--good news.

I made the Italian Wonderpot recipe.  I've seen it around for awhile.  We thought it was quite good.  It was a bit light on the protein for Justin, so he was still hungry.  I think perhaps I'll make it even more Mediterranean by adding some beans at the end when I make it again.

The kids aren't big fish fans, so we always have fish on Friday's during Lent, despite being Protostant, because we think the practice is food for them (on more than one level)!  I made Crab Cakes, but we really weren't impressed.  I much preferred the tuna ones I made from an old fashioned cookbook--if you know what that is, these days!

For dinner tonight I'm making wraps.  They are inspired by Pioneer Woman, but in my true style, they are only vaguely reminiscent of her recipe, since I used more what we had on hand and less sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese type things.

Have you found any great new recipes lately?

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