Friday, November 1, 2013

Last Month

Well, believe it or not, life has continued, even if I haven't found time to write about it!

The older girls got to go to Disney on Ice (their birthday present).

I held the baby.

 Justin held the baby.

The big girls began ballet classes through a home school tutorial this month.

Gabby had a birthday,

complete with 'hotdogs.'

 In an effort not to have another baby that refuses a bottle, the kids have been helping with an occasional bottle.

We've had cookie baking.

The littlest one gave out a few social smiles--this one was just luck, but we'll take it!

Justin went to a conference in Cincinnati, and I took the four kiddos to visit my parents, sister, and for Ellie to meet my Grannie.

There was pumpkin carving.
And there has been lots of baby cuddling.

And kissing.

And just being all up in her business!  I promise she's in there.

Maybe some day I'll be able to write paragraphs again, but I can't guarantee it!

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