Thursday, October 3, 2013

First Week Home

Some how we've been home for a week already.

The big kids adore their newest sister.  Enough of the new has worn off that I can walk away for a couple of seconds and they aren't all on top of her, but they all ask to hold her every day.

Miss Ellie is snuggly and sweet.  She loves to be held and sleeps well at night.  We joked the other evening that she finally found her 'complainer.'  She had been awake for 5 of the past 6 hours, but just wouldn't give up and go to sleep yet.  She was fussy, but drifted off in time for bed.

She lifts her head for quick intervals and kicks her feet in that newborn way.  She has sweet passing smiles, and we can't wait to see more of them.  Her eyes are blue, like her older sisters' were before they turned brown.  She has a good bit of dark brown hair and a darker complexion, like Gabby.

My parents came down on Monday and stayed with the bigs while I ran her to the doctor for a weight check.  She had regained almost all of the weight she'd lost from birth--babies have two weeks to regain it and be considered on track.

We are exceedingly grateful to our church.  The women have been providing us with dinners so I don't have to try to cook.  Two of the gals came in on Tuesday and played with the big kids and another is taking them for a play date today.  I am grateful that the kids have people with the energy to run and play with them while I can't for a bit.

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