Tuesday, May 7, 2013

When the Dog Barks

As in most neighborhoods, we have a few inconsiderate people who leave dogs to bark outside for long lengths of time during the day and even at night.  The other night as we were getting ready for bed, one of those dogs was barking.  Then we heard it.  There is a fellow who bought an air horn.  We've heard it a few times before, but the house was still and quiet, so we had a good opportunity to hear the whole exchange this particular night...

Dog: Barking.

Man: Quick blast.

Dog: More Barking.

Man: Long blast.

Dog: Bark.

Man: Blast.


Finally the air horn was not enough, so the man started yelling (in colorful language) to shut the dog up.  Repeatedly.

I kept expecting to hear a shot gun.  Eventually that dog got quiet or was let in.  Then I had to giggle.  The house two doors up from us let out their yip machine less than two minutes later.

And I've reached the conclusion, I'd much rather a dog bark all night than an angry man blast his air horn.

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