Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Astronomy Text

I have a love-hate relationship with our astronomy textbook.  I knew we would have this issue, which is why this is our first science textbook.

It is dripping with divinity.  Which is a good thing, except when it is stretched too far trying to find something to fit, even when nothing really does.  Or when science is brushed aside...in a science textbook.

It is filled with wonderful activities and experiments.  We got the lab manual because someone local ordered too many, so I got a good price for it.  And it is so easy to pick it up and do it.  I love that.  I've piece mealed our science before, which is a great deal more work.  Most curricula are either 7 day creation (with no room for a discussion of other opinions) or very humanistic.

Since we approach science and religion as not opposed, but in union and believe that in general God works within the laws He created, except those rare miracles, we've had a hard time finding that perfect fit, so we are working with what we have and enjoying the parts we like and sometimes editing out a few words here and there that we aren't ready to discuss or that Justin finds errors in the science of (the benefit of a scientist in the house).

Who knew believing that it didn't matter if creation was seven literal 24 hour periods or if God used evolution to populate the planet, since all that mattered was that He was in charge, would be so much harder than holding one of those beliefs to be absolutely true?  Instead of a man without a country we're a family without a text book!

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