Friday, December 5, 2008

Home again

Long time no blog…

The girls and I took a three week trip to visit my parents (Gam & PawPaw), so that’s why no posts for so long.

It’s odd to leave your home for that long with just a few suitcases and your daughters. Oh yeah, and your husband too. Actually we were apart for only two weeks because he came with us to go to a wedding and he came back in for Thanksgiving.

We were able to be at one of Justin’s high school buddies wedding in Evansville, be there for my mom's birthday, attend a family reunion for my dad’s family (including a birthday party for my Grannie), attend a 50th anniversary party for the minister who married us, take Kate to an advent workshop, have Thanksgiving with our families (Justin’s parents came too), meet Justin’s parents for a hiking trip, and so much more. It was quite a full trip.

Gabby took her first steps. She took two steps toward Justin on his first night back. She hasn't walked since, but we'll be there soon enough.

Of course Kate had some great quotes while we were gone…

While out to lunch with my sister:

Kate: I like chips

Holly: Mmm-Hmm.

A few minutes later…

Kate: I like chips.

Holly: Okay.

Kate: Sometimes my Daddy shares his chips with me.

Man she’s good! And she got some of Holly’s chips.


"I see my 'flection," when looking at Holly's new laptop.


“I’m a little grown-up.”


Then the other day in the van…

“I want to be a little girl forever.”

“But Kate, we all grow up.”

“But then I won’t have parents.”

So sweet. Not true--since she'll always be my little girl, but still so sweet.

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