Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yours Truly, Goldilocks

The kiddos and I check out books at the library regularly, and I wish I could claim that I sought this one out, but I didn't. It was one that they picked out somewhat randomly. It's one that we read for fun recently, but I plan to file it in my list of books for teaching a lesson later.

This is a book of letters. Lots of letters. It would be a fun way to teach children how to write what my fifth grade teacher called bread and butter and friendly letters.

Anyway, if you are teaching that concept, I recommend this book. It has letters between Peter Rabbit, Goldilocks and Baby Bear (or the Three Bears) and also between two wolf cousins. So it is fun for the children, with several models for writing letters using the appropriate headings, addressing, and closings.

* * *

Not a paid review, just a book we ran across at the library!

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