Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Funnies

According to Ellie:

Your heart is beeping!

aints = ants

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Drop Out

I went out the other night to attend a meeting.

I come home, after the littles (and the not so littles) are all in bed.  I hit the button on my garage door opener a few times.  It doesn't budge.  I get out and try the keypad.  No luck.  I called Justin, thinking he could open it for me from inside.  He answers, "Oh that must be part of what happened."


I pull out my bag and head to the front door, where he meets me.  He leads me to the kitchen where I see the things that belong under the sink strewn about on towels and paper towels.

Justin had walked out to the kitchen while I was gone to find puddles of water on the floor.  He opens the cabinet and finds standing the cabinet, the basket for the dish towels, the tool box, and the bucket of cleaning supplies.  He starts emptying it and the entire garbage disposal falls out of the sink.

He had to turn off several breakers and disconnect the dangling disposal from the power source and dry everything out.  All while I'm obliviously in my meeting, and while I chatted for another 15 minutes after it about future plans and home school tutorials.

Honestly, we've joked about replacing it since we moved in--it was loud and shook the whole kitchen when it ran, but now is not the time we would have picked.  In the past two months we've made three trips to Ohio for family business, replaced the tires on Justin's car, replaced the alternator on Justin's car.  We've replaced the handle on the shower in our bathroom and replaced the mechanism in the toilet in our bathroom, as it was leaking out the hole for the flush handle...really.

I am awfully thankful that aside from the tires Justin has handled all those hours of repair work.  And all of those things have been fairly minor repairs.  And are all repaired now.  We have a friend that calls his home Pandora's House...I think I understand right now!