About Me

I grew up in Kentucky with my parents and

little sister (2 years my junior). "Went off" to college less than a mile from my high school. The Sunday before classes started I went to the Wesley Foundation. It was there I met some dear friends and my soon to be husband, though we neither one had any idea that we would wind up here at that point.

At Spring Break we went on a trip to Chicago to do some work with CSM and fell in love. Shortly thereafter we decided to get married.

We decided to wait the year for Justin to graduate and

we were married a month after his graduation (June 12, 1999).

We spent the next two years with me finishing my degree and him working locally. Then we headed to Cincinnati for him to go to

grad school and me to take a teaching position. We bought our first house,

had a baby, and then moved to Alabama. Justin had a temp to hire job that ended in no hire, so 9 months after

Kate and I arrived in AL (he had been there about 3 months, since I had stayed behind to sell the house in Northern Kentucky) Justin, Kate, and a quite pregnant me moved to Kansas.

We spent three years in Kansas--

had two babies

and made some friends. We missed our families though, so we found a position in TN and

moved here in July 2010, where we rented for a year.

Now we live here in a house we purchase in the summer of 2011,

 Where we brought home baby 4 in 2013.

I'm a Christian, the wife of my dearest friend, a home schooler, cook for a diabetic (type I), mother to four littles!!!