Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The First Word

Miss Gabby said her first word--the long awaited, much anticipated chance to know what she's thinking. She started babbling yesterday, so I figured it would be a few weeks. Was it Mama, no. It wasn't even Dada. No my precious baby girl said 'Elmo.' As in that fuzzy red monster on Sesame Street. Justin heard it too. I looked at him and said, "If she doesn't say it again, I'm not going to count it." Of course she said it again. By the time I got the video camera surely it would stop. I taped it. It wasn't as clear that time, but I have video of her holding (her sister's) Elmo and calling him by name. Our girls like to do this to us. We take care of them and love them. We expect that first word will probably be Dada, maybe Mama, and then we're disappointed. Kate said 'kitty cat'. They must love the fuzzy things...

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today I was truly surprised. I got a notice in my mailbox last night that I had a package waiting for me at the post office. Justin’s birthday is on Monday, so I thought perhaps it was a gift for him sent into my care. When I was given the box, it was from my dear friend in Maryland. We had talked recently about a book that she would send me when she was finished, but surely she hadn’t sent me this many books. I couldn’t wait to get home to open it. She’s a very thoughtful lady and anything she sent must be wonderful, but I had no idea.

I had written to several of my friends, and requested that they be praying for my back to recover. She shared my difficulties with her Bible study group and I knew they had been praying for me. They put together a beautiful care package and sent it to me. It’s full of wonderful things, a bath set, books, a CD, coffee, chocolate, kleenxes, and much more. These ladies, whom I’ve never met, gave me the gift of their prayers and then this gift too. I feel truly blessed.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Bath Time

We had a great evening. I had bought a bath seat for Gabby so we could bathe the girls together. I was so excited. I had done this last week without one and it was rather difficult, but I thought this would be fun. I had found that Kate didn’t like to share her ducky, so we went to get a separate one for Gabby. Standing in the aisle at the store we found on that was too perfect for Kate to pass up, so they each got a new ducky—Kate’s is a pirate and Gabby’s is a princess.

We put the girls in the tub together. They had a great time. I was taking pictures and enjoying the splashing. Then I noticed it. Ugh. Gabby must have pooped. As I started to pull her out I realized, nope it wasn’t Gabby it was our nearly completely potty trained two year-old who was responsible. Bath time rapidly ended. We got the girls cleaned up and off to bed, and the bathroom has been cleaned and sanitized. I know someday we’ll look back and laugh, but that day is not today.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Her name is George

We're at the end of Justin's first year as a professor, so we decided to celebrate by going out to brunch after his last final was given. The girls and I went to pick him up today. When the waitress came by to take our order she asked Kate what her name was. She answered, "Kath'rine 'Lizabeth." Then the waitress asked her what her little sister's name was and she said, "George." George?!? We all had a good laugh though. When I asked Kate why she said that she said, "Because it's funny." Is she really only two? She finally gave the right answer with, "Gabri-bella." She also introduced Justin and me, but I don't think the waitress cared about much of anything after George. It was so funny the waitress was telling her co-workers. I'm glad that we could brighten someone's day with our two girls--Kate and "George."